Vision & Mission

The aim of SUTD is “to create a new type of technically-grounded leader and inventor, one fully equipped to address the challenges and issues of today and tomorrow. Students at SUTD will be engaged in simultaneous engagement with the world of ideas and the world of practice and immersed in the merging of hand and mind through the Art and Practice of Design.”

Tom Magnanti on the vision of SUTD

Why Teach Communication?

Innovators in engineering, product and systems design, service design, software design and architecture require strong communication skills (in multiple modes) to interface with stakeholders, clients, and their colleagues. We wish to produce technically proficient graduates, and leaders who can communicate ideas and enable design innovation.

Communication at SUTD

SUTD seeks to develop a targeted Communications Intensive (CI) programme as part of the engineering and architecture degrees offered across four pillars, and the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences cluster. Our aim is to equip students with the knowledge of communication necessary to disseminate their innovative plans and ideas, both in an academic and a professional context.

The Centre for Writing and Rhetoric (CWR) sees CI as an integral part of the curriculum, embodied in as many core and elective classes as possible, giving students exposure to and training in all the forms of communication they will need to succeed in their chosen field.

Hence, CI is a collaborative process between faculty and students, with the support of communications advisors. By integrating CI instruction and assessment into current SUTD courses, both in the freshmore year and in the pillars, the CWR seeks to move students through the various levels of skill acquisition, from novice to proficiency, thus preparing them to continue on to expertise in their future careers.