Freshmore Communication Program

All first year students undergo a mandatory Freshmore Writing Program. Students are understandably anxious about the prospects of churning out an academic paper in their freshmore classes. Imagine having to write a critique about the social theories of Emile Durkheim or a literary criticism of Rabindranath Tagore’s plays. The CWR has devised a no fuss six weeks crash course to ease the writing woes of our new students. Designed in close collaboration with HASS faculty, students reflected on their writing processes in writing journals, and obtain critical aid from the CWR in drafting their assignments.

Freshmore English Program

Selected students take the English Writing Entrance Test (EWET) at the beginning of their first term. Students who are not able to meet the requirements of the EWET must complete the Freshmore English Program course (FEP). The goal of the EWET and FEP is to identify students who require more support for their writing and communications skills, in order to ensure that they possess the skills necessary to succeed in subsequent CI courses.

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