Activities include specific instruction and feedback in communication from faculty members and the CWR. Such collaborative learning can take the form of direct instruction in communication methods, peer review, and verbal and written feedback.

Before booking a consultation, please note the following:

  1. Only students of SUTD, including undergraduates and postgraduates, may make appointments. However, there are no consultations for professors or postdoctoral researchers.
  2. There are no consultations for resumes, cover letters, applications for competitions and scholarships, applications for MSc./MA/ M.Eng/ PhD. If you require help with these, please contact the Career Centre.
  3. Consultations will be given for current assignments, project write-ups, essays and posters, so long as these are a part of the electives’ assessments.
  4. No consultations will be given for journal publications.
  5. If you wish to make a consultation for Capstone, FEP or FWP purposes, please consult your assigned Instructor.
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