As our students emerge as leaders in their respective design, engineering, and scientific fields, the CWR sought to equip them with the necessary technical communication skills. Our students are assessed on at least 3000 words of writing, distributed reasonably across the term, or the equivalent standards in written communication in the student’s potential pillar.

We have a component in which the students create a poster, presentation, or physical system that uses the key principles of visual communication to present their ideas, in clear and engaging images, text, and other media. Another possible form of visual communication might be an architectural model in ASD.

In addition, all CI electives have an oral component of at least 10-15 minutes, either singly or in groups. This presentation should test 1) the individual’s ability to communicate an idea and argument, 2) the ability to use the skills appropriate to the situation and combine various forms of communication when necessary, 3) the student’s ability to field questions concerning their presentation.