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The EWET is the English Writing Entrance Test conducted by SUTD for selected Freshmore students in term one. It is an English Diagnostic Test run by the Centre for Writing and Rhetoric (CWR) to ensure that undergraduate students have the necessary skills to cope with HASS readings, essays and other modules that require some form of writing. Students who fail the EWET are not expected to withdraw from SUTD. However, they are required to complete additional assignments in their mandatory Freshmore Communication Program (term one), during their Freshmore year.

The Freshmore Communication Program (FCP) is a six weeks communication module that is offered in the first term. Lessons are conducted once a week, for 1.5 hours at a time. This is a Pass/Fail module and the grades will appear on the student’s transcript when they graduate from SUTD. Students have to pass FCP in order to graduate.

During the module, students will have the opportunity to learn essay writing skills and techniques, pick up close reading and critical reading skills, learn textual analysis and write critical responses to academic based articles.

Exemptions will be given for students who meet the criteria stated in the table below. If students submit more than one category of scores, the category with the higher score will be considered for the exemption.

 Examination Body Subject   Score 
 Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level  General Paper (H1 Level GP)  B and above
 Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level  Knowledge Inquiry (KI)  C and above
 International Baccalaureate (IB)  Theory of Knowledge  C and above
 NUS High School of Mathematics and Science  EL5102 English for Academic Purposes (Critical Reading & Writing)

EL5101 Language in Society II and EL6103 Language in Society

 B- and above

B and above in both

All students without the above minimum qualifications and scores must take the EWET.

Freshmore Communication Program is a mandatory no fuss six weeks crash course designed to bring all undergraduates’ academic writing up to speed.

Further Clarifications about the EWET in SUTD 2020

EWET is the English Writing Entrance Test conducted by SUTD for selected Freshmore students in term one of their Freshmore year.

There will be a given reading on a theme/topic. Students will be required to read the reading, and provide a valid written response of approximately 800 words to the issues highlighted in the readings. The entire test will take 1 hour 30 mins.

Students who need to sit for the EWET will receive an email from Office of Student Administration, informing them about the details of the test.

The EWET will be conducted on 15 Sep (Tues), 1630hrs. It will be held on-line via SUTD E-dimension. When they are finished, Students are required to upload their work via Turnitin on their  E-Dimension page, specific details will be emailed to you.

There is no preparation or studying required. You just have to be present at the test venue, read the readings carefully and give a logical and coherent written response. Please be reminded that you should write in proper, grammatical sentences and choose a tone which is appropriate.

You are not expected to withdraw from SUTD if you fail the EWET. If you fail the EWET, you are required to complete additional assignments in your mandatory Freshmore Communication Program (term one). FCP is a Pass/Fail module and you will need to pass both in order to graduate from SUTD.

You will be informed by OSA.