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FEP or the Freshmore English Programme is an 8 week (16 hours) English module that is offered in May.

FWP or the Freshmore Writing Programme is a 13 week (13 hours) module that is offered in September. This is compulsory for all Freshmores.

Further Clarifications about the EWET in SUTD 2018

EWET is the English Writing Entrance Test conducted by SUTD for selected Freshmore students in the month of May.
There will be two given readings on a similar theme/topic. Students will be required to read both readings, and provide a valid written response of approximately 400 words to the issues highlighted in the readings. The entire test will take 1 hour 30 mins.
Students who need to sit for the EWET will receive an email from Office of Student Administration, informing them about the details of the test.

The EWET will be conducted on Wednesday, 23 May 2018, from 3 – 4.30pm. It will be held in either the Multi-Purpose Hall or LT 1. Specific details will be given in the email to you.

There is no preparation or studying required. You just have to be present at the test venue, read the readings carefully and give a logical and coherent written response. Please be reminded that you should write in proper, grammatical sentences and choose a tone which is appropriate.

You are not expected to withdraw from SUTD if you fail the EWET. If you fail the EWET, you will need to take an additional module, the Freshmore English Programme (FEP) in May. You need to clear FEP before you can proceed to take the Freshmore Writing Programme (FWP) in Sep with the rest of the cohort. Both modules are Pass/Fail modules and you will need to pass both in order to graduate from SUTD.

Students who failed the EWET will receive an email from Office of Student Administration before Week 4, informing them that they have been enrolled into the FEP. The email will also include their weekly class timing and lesson venue. The first FEP class will begin on Week 5.