The Centre for Writing & Rhetoric

The Centre for Writing & Rhetoric (CWR) now has online and face-to-face consultations (with prior appointments) at 2.414.

Instructor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Grace     10:00-13:00    
Rashmi 10:00-13:00     10:00-13:00  
Delfinn 09:00-13:00 10:00-16:00 10:00-16:00    
Susan     11:00-15:00  11:00-15:00 11:00-15:00

For consultations with individual instructor, book via the Calendly link below:


Alternatively, you may email the instructor you wish to consult if a consultation slot is not available to book on Calendly here

External Resources for copy-editing

For users who are looking for professional copy-editing services, there are half a dozen of external agencies which can step in. We list down a few alternatives:

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